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Cosmetic Dentistry in Weaverville

An aesthetically pleasing appearance often begins with a memorable smile. Establishing optimal oral health through professional care and implementing a diligent at-home care routine contribute greatly to a smile that is both beautiful and long-lasting. At Weaverville Family Dentistry, our husband and wife team, Dr. David A. Merrell and Dr. Jill Y. Merrell believe that every patient has the right to experience complete confidence in their appearance. 

Whether you are looking to address tooth discoloration or correct more complex dental limitations, Drs. David and Jill Merrell utilize their continued passion and many years of experience to offer a wide variety of aesthetic dentistry services to all patients throughout the Weaverville communities. 

Achieving Ideal Dental Aesthetics with Drs. David and Jill Merrell 

At Weaverville Family Dentistry, we aim to bolster your dental and overall well-being for long-lasting success. A healthy dental environment free of infection or decay provides a reliable foundation for our cosmetic treatments as well as allowing for the effective longevity of their results. 

Regardless if you have been a patient of ours for many years or are visiting us for the first time, we initiate every appointment with an open and honest discussion about your aesthetic needs, concerns, and expectations. Rather than purely focusing on visible oral health concerns, we consider every aspect of your lifestyle and determine if any underlying factors could be contributing to potential issues.

If it is determined that any harmful oral health concerns are present within your smile, our team will begin immediate treatment. Once optimal oral health is reestablished, Drs. David and Jill Merrell with work closely with you to design your customized aesthetic dentistry plan and keep you involved in every aspect of your treatment. 

Restoring Smiles with Enamel-Colored Composite Fillings

When minor decay and damage hinder a smile, we offer enamel-colored, composite resin fillings that are both aesthetically pleasing as they mimic surrounding teeth, utilizing body-safe composite materials. These restorations repair chips, cracks, and fractures while restoring strength to worn down teeth. Because their material bond well to natural enamel, they are an ideal solution for discreetly repairing the smile. 

Convenient Teeth Whitening with Philips Zoom! ® 

When looking to rid your smile of enamel discoloration, our Weaverville practice offers several convenient teeth whitening solutions. Patients desiring a brighter smile within a single visit or two can take advantage of our in-office, chairside teeth whitening method with Philips Zoom! ®. Our in-house procedure involves a curing light to activate the professional-grade whitening gel administered and carefully monitored by Dr. David, Dr. Jill, or a trusted member of our team. 

Patients with particularly busy schedules can benefit greatly from our personalized take-home whitening option. This method involves Drs. David and Jill Merrell creating a custom-fitted tray designed to fit your unique smile along with the dentist-approved lightening gel. Patients can conveniently eradicate enamel stains at their own pace in the comfort of their home. 

Eliminate Severe Discoloration with Microabrasion Whitening 

Sometimes, teeth can experience severely persistent staining due to certain medications, too much fluoride intake during tooth development, or other contributing factors, leaving traditional whitening methods less than effective due to the stains being underneath the enamel’s surface. 

At Weaverville Family Dentistry, we are happy to provide a viable solution to these frustrating discoloration situations with microabrasion whitening. This treatment consists of our team utilizing a mixture of hydrochloric acid and pumice for the successful stain removal, thus, leaving a smooth, glossy enamel surface as the final result. 

Same Day Dental Crowns with Our CEREC Technology 

Dental crowns can be utilized to encase a damaged or treated tooth to repair and protect it from further damage. They are also an ideal prosthetic option to be affixed to a dental implant post for single-tooth replacement as well as finalizing implant treatment.

Our crowns are customized for each patient’s specific needs with the help of our in-house CEREC technology. CEREC is an in-house milling machine which crafts restorations using digital impressions of our patients’ smiles. Our crowns are made of reliable, enamel-colored porcelain, mimicking the qualities of natural teeth. 
This technology allows us to get patients back to their daily activities more effectively, also permitting busy individuals to achieve full, comprehensive treatment in less time. 

Achieving More Uniform Smiles with Porcelain Veneers

Our team utilizes a trusted outside lab to fabricate custom-crafted veneers from the highest-quality porcelain. These thin, durable shells are designed to cover anterior teeth and improve their color, shape, size, and length.  Porcelain veneers mimic the color and contour of natural teeth, providing patients with a renewed, more uniform smile. 

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